Decipher Plus subscribers, who are admins of a business account, can invite others to have access the business, and choose their level of access;

  • Choose Manage users from your business menu.
  • Click the Invite user button and enter the user’s first and last names and email address.
  • Select an access level for the new user: Admin, Standard user and View only. Read more about different user access levels here.
  • Click the Invite user button to send an email invitation.
  • If the user already has a Decipher account, the invitation will include instruction on how to access your business.
  • If the a new user to Decipher, the invitation will include instructions to create a Decipher account to access your business.

Assigned all your users? You can add more via your Business settings menu. Read more about adding more users to your business subscription here.

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