DecipherAg customers can set up one or more farms so they can see data referenced to their exact location and clip biomass imagery to specific paddocks.

Adding a farm is the first thing we’ll ask you to do when you first log into DecipherAg, otherwise:

  • Click the Manage icon  and select Manage farms.
  • Click or tap "Add farm" in the farm management panel that expands.

You can then either draw your own farm and boundaries on the map or upload a data file of your boundary map.

To draw your own farm and paddock boundaries; 

  • Select "Add farm" than select "Draw farm boundaries" and give your farm a name.
  • Find your location by scrolling through the map or using the search bar at the top.
  • Click the map to start drawing your paddock boundaries, then click at each point to draw a line and join them up to create a boundary shape. Click "create" to save your boundary shape.  
  • You can turn the Snapping toggle on or off. Snapping automatically connects new shapes you are drawing to boundary lines you’ve already drawn when they are close together.
  • Give your paddock a name in the panel on the right, add arable area and save, or click on the map to draw another paddock and repeat steps 3 - 5 and save all paddocks
  • To add another paddock after you've saved, click the Draw button and repeat steps 3 - 5.
  • To edit your boundary shape click the three dots next to your paddock name for more options. 
  • Click "edit paddock" to edit the paddock name and arable area. Click "save" to save changed. 
  • Click "delete paddock" to delete the paddock and start again. 
  • To cut out any non-arable areas, simply select the boundary shape and select "Cut" and plot around the non-arable area within the paddock boundary shape. The arable area for the paddock will be calculated for you.
  • To MOVE a boundary you’ve drawn, simply click within the boundary line, drag and drop the shape to another area on the map.
  • To MERGE two or more paddocks you’ve drawn, click the "Merge" button select the paddocks and click "Merge paddocks". The paddocks select must overlap and/or share a boundary line.
  • To SPLIT a paddock you’ve drawn, click the "Split button", draw a line and click twice on the same spot to finish, and click the "save paddock".
  • To CHANGE the size and shape of your paddock, click twice on the boundary line, dots will appear on the boundary line corners, click on the dot to move and save paddock.

To upload a farm map;

  • Select "Upload your farm map".
  • Either drag and drop your file into the file upload window, or click "Choose file" to select a file from your computer.
  • You can upload a KML, KMZ or zipped Shapefile up to 3MB that you created yourself or have received from another imagery or farm management tool or service.
  • Give your farm a name and click "Create farm" to save.

Once you’ve saved your farm and paddock boundaries, they will always appear on the map to help you reference your data to your exact location.

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