You can upload your farm from Agworld when creating a new farm in Manage farms. By selecting Upload your farm map you will be able to upload a farm map exported from Agworld.

2 steps are required to upload your farm map from Agworld into DecipherAg;

  • Export your farm map from Agworld
  • Upload your farm map into DecipherAg, match the farm and paddock names and save the uploaded map

Step 1: Exporting your farm map from Agworld;

  • Log into your Agworld account and select the farming business you'd like to export farm maps from.
  • Hover over Maps and then select Farm Maps.
  • When the farm map opens, select the drop-down menu and then select Export Shapefile.This will export all farm maps for the farming business. To export a single farm's map select the drop down menu next to the farm name and then select Export shapefile.
  • This will then let you save the farm map as a zipped shapefile onto your computer. Don't unzip this file.¬†

Step 2: Uploading your farm map

  • Hover over the Business menu and select Manage farms.
  • In the Manage farms panel, select ADD FARM.
  • Select Upload your farm map.
  • Drag and drop the shapefile downloaded from Agworld onto the screen or select choose file(s) and select the shapefile.
  • Next, Select the columns in the uploaded file that contain your farm name and paddock names. Typically when exporting farm maps from Agworld the farm names are under the column property_n and the paddock names are under the column paddock_na.
  • Click Import farm details.
  • Your farm maps will appear in purple in DecipherAg with the farm names in the left hand panel. If the import looks correct select Save farm details.

If you have any paddocks outlined in red this will mean that there are overlapping paddock boundaries. These paddocks' boundaries will need to be altered by moving the boundaries to their correct location on the map before saving the uploaded farms.

Read more about setting up your farm here.

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