Q1. What is Marketplace?

Marketplace is a virtual store front where you can purchase complimentary add-on products and services that best suit your business, enhancing and customising your Decipher experience.

Q2. What type of products and services are offered in Marketplace?

You will find a range of complimentary add-on products and service that provide an additional data layer in decipher, or that captures or modifies data providing higher quality data imagery layer to improve decision making.

Yield Data and Yield Cleaning are two products available in the marketplace. Coming soon products and services for weather and internet of things like sensors.

Q3. Who am I buying from?

The initial offerings on Marketplace – Yield Data and Yield Cleaning – are Decipher products. Future marketplace offerings may be from both Decipher and third party suppliers. All third party offerings will go through our rigorous marketplace partner review to ensure the products and services are of high quality, reliable, value for money and suitable for our customers.

Q4. Why do I need to purchase these features? Why aren’t they automatically available?

The products and services available on Marketplace may not be relevant to all users. So, by offering an add-on to your annual subscription package through the marketplace, you can tailor your Decipher experience by selecting and paying only for the products and services that are relevant for your business.

For example, a cropping enterprise may find value in yield products, but have no need for products that relate to pasture and stocking numbers, whereas a pasture enterprise would.

Q5. Why do I need a Plus account to use Marketplace? 

Marketplace, and the add-ins available on the site, rely on the additional features Plus account holders get for their annual subscription. As such, you’ll need to sign up for Plus before you’ll be able to purchase anything on Marketplace.

Q6. I have a Plus subscription, but can’t purchase from Marketplace. Why not?

If you are linked to a Pro partner, you will need to contact them to purchase marketplace products and services.

If you are not linked to a Pro partner and unable to purchase from Marketplace, get in touch.

Q7. What happens to my add-on subscriptions when my Plus subscription has lapsed
 and I won't be renewing? 

The subscriptions for your add-ons will remain current and you will have access to the functionality until the expiry date. However, you will not have access to the Plus features and associated functionality to extend the information from the add-ons.

You will need an active Plus subscription to renew the add-on subscription, and to be able to purchase additional add-ons that improve or enhance your Decipher experience.

Read more about Marketplace here

How do I purchase products and services from Marketplace?

How do I pay for Marketplace products and services?

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