As a Pro partner you'll need to arrange purchases from the Marketplace for any of your linked clients. Simply go to the Manage Clients screen of your Pro partner account, then:

  • Locate the client for whom you are purchasing the add-on
    Note: If they don't have a Plus subscription you'll need to upgrade them to Plus before you can move on to the next step

  • Click on + Add new in the Add-ons column
  • Select the product or service your client wants to purchase in the drop down box under Marketplace option
  • Click Purchase add-on button

  • You will be invoiced for the purchase as per your Pro partner agreement and the add-on will now appear in the add-on column for that client
  • Repeat the process for any other products or services that your client has requested, or that you wish to purchase for your client

Note: There may be prerequisite on some products and services in Marketplace, such as the purchase of another add-on beforehand. Where this is the case the product will not be shown in the list until these requirements have been met.

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How do I pay for Marketplace products and services?

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