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Raw yield data is the numbers exactly as they've come out of the yield monitor. From a well calibrated monitor these can still be quite meaningful visually, but flow variability, corners, and multiple headers can all reduce the usefulness of this data.

This is raw data for a wheat paddock:

The images look good. There is a lot to like about them. However, according to the numbers the maximum yield reading in each is well over 100 tonnes/ha, so there are some issues.

Whereas, Cleaned yield data has gone through the Yield Cleaning process. This process smooths out the rough edges, identifies and modifies extreme outliers, brings the numbers back relative to the actual total yield of the paddock (where available), and integrates data from multiple headers where required. Cleaned data is more accurate and reliable to create zones and prescription maps from.

Here is the wheat paddock above cleaned:

The differences are more obvious, with the high yielding zones are more apparent and the image is generally easier to read. Check out the difference yield ranges in the Yield Density slider to see the different in the accuracy of the data.

Yield Cleaning is available for all paddocks with Yield Data that has been uploaded to Decipher. It can be purchased through your Account Manager

Note, DecipherAg's Yield products are not available in North America.

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