Decipher is an easy-to-use nutrition management service with powerful insights to show you crop variability and lets you compare growth performance, track trends and organise information about your land.

It simplifies the nutrition process to help grow your productivity, and provides a straightforward way to get started on your precision agriculture journey.

Make your data work for you.

With everything in the once place, Decipher helps you decode complex agricultural information into simple answers that you can put into action on your farm.

  • Overlay your own data, sampling and observation results onto the Decipher map
  • Draw or import your own farm boundaries to see the most relevant data for you
  • Navigate with a familiar Google Maps base
  • Add your notes, pins and boundary lines to your map
  • Easily manage data files from multiple sources
  • Share and collaborate on your data across your business and beyond
  • Supports KML, KMZ and Shape files
  • Up to 1GB data storage

We do imagery differently.

Decipher’s NDVI imagery has been optimised with merged images from multiple satellites so you can understand where your high and low performing crop areas are without interference from cloud cover, crop maturity, or nutrition application.

  • View daily, monthly or seasonal imagery allowing you to frequently track plant growth, and identify issues or seasonal impacts quickly
  • View 10m HD Sentinel imagery
  • View historical imagery up to the last 10 years
  • Compare performance across locations, months, seasons and years with easy-to-read charting
  • See and export imagery clipped to your own paddock boundaries

Nutritional insights from the ground up.

Deciphers seamless sampling process takes you all the way from planning through to visualising the results with a connected and easy-to-use system.

  • Easily identify areas of interest
  • Plan and assign sampling jobs
  • Collect samples in-field with our free companion app, DecipherGo
  • Submit jobs to our partner lab, CSBP Soil and Plant Lab, or another lab you use
  • Import your sample data to Decipher with our easy-to-use data upload tool
  • Visualise the results and trends on the Decipher map

Take planning to the next level.

Decipher’s plans tool allows you to create, manage and collaborate on your farms crop and nutrition plans. Used with the biomass imagery, you can compare in-season growth against planned crop and product applications.

Be more precise.

Decipher’s management zones tool groups areas of similar biomass within a paddock together, enabling you to identify high and low performing areas and treat them accordingly by planning sample jobs and precisely applying nutrient applications. 

See. Know. Grow... on the Go

DecipherGo is our free companion app, which gives you access to Decipher data, features and insights wherever and whenever you need them.

  • Access the same world-class imagery in-field
  • Add in-field observations and interact with Decipher data on your tablet or phone
  • Sync your data across all your devices with just one account to log into

Want to know more? Get in touch to have one of our support team members contact you.

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