DecipherGO’s Biomass function shows you levels of plant growth via satellite images, with a number of settings and features that let you track changes and trends, and improve or customise your view;


Increase or decrease the opacity with the slider or + / - buttons to see less or more of the map detail underneath.

Date range

Select a month and year to see biomass data for that time period on your map.

Adjust plant density

To enhance the contrast between areas of plant growth (for example, in a particularly high growth area), you can adjust Decipher’s colour scale. Choose one of the Low, Standard or High presets depending on the level of plant growth in that area, or use the slider to create custom colour scale values.

Read more about adjusting your Decipher colour scale here.

Cloud mask

Cloud cover can sometimes affect or obscure the biomass imagery you can see on your map. If you think you see cloud cover showing up on the map, adjust your cloud mask controls in the Advanced Settings area with the slider or the + / - buttons.

Read more about adjusting your cloud mask here.

Merge satellite imagery

Switch the slider in the Advanced Settings area to ‘on’ to merge both of Decipher’s satellite views for a more complete picture of the highest greenness index for the selected period.

Read more about merging your satellite imagery here.

Compare biomass

Tap Compare biomass to see DecipherGO’s powerful charting tool and compare plant growth across time periods and locations. Biomass charts let you analyse the health of your farm, track trends, and ultimately manage nutrition strategies.

Read more about using the biomass charts in DecipherGO here.

Need more help? Contact the Decipher Support Team here.

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