Only available to DecipherAg Plus or Biomass+ users

Any historical zones created from paid features will remain accessible, as view only, to DecipherAg users.

DecipherAg Plus and Biomass+ users have the ability to create and view Management Zones from Daily, Monthly or Seasonal biomass data for any farm or paddock.

To create a zone:

  • Click on the ‘ZONES’ icon in the navigation panel, then click the 'ADD ZONES' button.
  • Change the image clipping to paddock level, and select the paddock you’d like to create a zone for. 
  • Click on the ‘CREATE ZONE MAP’ button in the top right corner.
  • Name your paddock, select the number of zones and click ‘Create’.
  • Your zone is now being created - this may take a few moments.

To view your zones:

  • Click on ‘Zones’ in the navigation panel.
  • Select the paddock you created the zone for.
  • Click the 'view' - your zone should then appear on the map.

You can find information on editing zones here.

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