When using DecipherAg you can select to view imagery for different time periods:

Daily biomass imagery

DecipherAg users can see daily biomass imagery in standard and high definition, and use the comparison charts.

The daily imagery is a single scene of biomass imagery that is taken at each satellite pass which occurs every couple of days. This allows you to track plant growth more frequently, and identify issues or seasonal impacts quickly.

Monthly biomass imagery

DecipherAg users can see month by month biomass imagery in standard and high definition and peak, and use the and comparison charts.

You can use this as an in-season analysis of your plant growth levels to see nutrition problems you may need to address now, or look back and compare previous months to see how each area of your farm performed.

Seasonal biomass imagery

DecipherAg users can also see seasonal biomass imagery in standard definition, high definition and peak.

You can use this to analyse a season to show you the health of your farm for the complete time period, or to review nutrition and operation strategies, and compare crop performance for a season and to other seasons.

You can also compare across seasons, using this information to analyse appropriate areas to sample and plan for the next seasons nutrition strategy.

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