Only available to DecipherAg Plus or Biomass+ users

To compare by season:

  • Make sure your farm and paddock boundaries are visible on the map, or use the search bar to find a location.
  • Click or tap the 'Imagery' icon in the left hand menu to display the biomass panel.
  • Select your Biomass options: SD, HD or peak imagery to adjust the biomass layer on the map.
  • Choose either daily, monthly or seasonal imagery to adjust the biomass frequency.
  • At the bottom of the map, click the ‘Compare biomass’ button to expand the biomass charts panel.
  • The Compare by season tab will automatically be selected and select a season from the buttons on the right. You can compare up to six years of seasonal biomass data.
  • Click the map to select the location to analyse.
  • Plant growth data at that location will be plotted as a different coloured line on the chart for each season, allowing you to compare growth at the location between seasons, and view the location’s growth changes over the months of each season.

Read more about comparing biomass at different locations here.

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