Only available to DecipherAg Plus or Biomass+ users

DecipherAg users are able to see biomass imagery clipped just to their farm or a specific paddock. You can see a more specified view of the highest plant growth relevant to that farm and/or paddock.

To clip imagery:

  • Make sure your farm and paddock boundaries are visible on the map (use the search bar to search for your farm if you can’t see it).
  • Click or tap the Biomass icon in the left hand menu to display the biomass panel.
  • Select your Biomass options, for example SD, HD or peak imagery to adjust the biomass layer on the map.
  • Choose between the daily, monthly or seasonal imagery tabs to adjust the frequency.
  • Under the Image clipping header, select Global, Farm or Paddock to see imagery clipped to your chosen area.
  • Once you’ve clipped your biomass imagery, you’ll be able to see the range of lowest to highest NDVI for that particular area.
  • For even greater contrast detail within a farm or paddock, adjust the colour scale on the Biomass panel using one of our low, standard or high presets (for example if you know the area has low plant density, choose the low preset), or create your own colour scale values.

Read more about adjusting DecipherAg’s colour stretch here.

Read more about DecipherAg’s different biomass imagery settings here.

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