DecipherAg customers can import sites to DecipherAg using a KML or KMZ file, so they can later associate data to the exact location that it was collected or sampled.

To use the import sites feature:

  • Click the 'Manage' icon in the panel on the left.
  • Select 'Manage Sites' 
  • Click or tap 'Import Sites' in the site management panel that expands.
  • The pop out window will prompt you to drag and drop, or select your file that contains the sites you would like to import.
  • Sites that are extracted from your uploaded file will be plotted on the map, marked with a black circle. The site name associated with the location will also be imported.
  • Using the left panel, sites can be save individually with the Save site button, or save in bulk using the Save all sites button at the bottom of the page. Remember, unsaved sites will not be saved against your farms.

Once you’ve saved your sites, they will always appear on the map to help you reference your data to your exact location.

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