DecipherAg’s Biomass function shows levels of plant growth via satellite images, with a number of settings and features that let you track changes and trends, and improve or customise your view:


Increase or decrease the opacity with the slider to see less or more of the map detail underneath.

Image clipping (Only available to DecipherAg Plus or Biomass+ users)

DecipherAg users can see a global view of biomass imagery anywhere in the world, and have the option to clip imagery to their farm or paddock, which lets you see a colour density scale of plant growth specific to the chosen area.

Read more about clipping imagery here.

Image quality

DecipherAg users have access to standard definition (SD) 10m per pixel resolution NDVI biomass imagery, high definition (HD) 10m per pixel resolution, or Peak imagery which uses the highest available pixels from both sets of satellites.

Read more about the different types of DecipherAg imagery here.

Date range

DecipherAg users can access Daily, Monthly and Seasonal imagery, which allows you to see biomass data for that time period on your map.

Read more about the difference between daily, monthly and seasonal imagery here.

Adjust plant density

To enhance the contrast between areas of plant growth (for example, in a particularly high growth area), you can adjust DecipherAg’s colour scale under the ‘Plant Density’ heading. Choose one of the Low, Standard or High presets depending on the level of plant growth in that area, or use the slider to create custom colour scale values.

Use Auto colour stretch when you have imagery clipped to your farm or paddock to let DecipherAg set the colour scale values to the minimum and maximum NDVI levels of your selected area.

Read more about adjusting your DecipherAg colour scale here.

Cloud mask

Cloud cover can sometimes affect or obscure the biomass imagery you can see on your map. If you think you see cloud cover showing up on the map, adjust your cloud mask controls in the Advanced Settings area with the slider.

Read more about adjusting your cloud mask here.

Merge satellite imagery

Switch the slider in the Advanced Settings area to ‘on’ to merge both of DecipherAg’s satellite views for a more complete picture of the highest greenness index for the selected period.

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