To get started with DecipherAg’s sampling tools, you can upload your own georeferenced sample data, from previous years.

To upload sample data:

  • Select the ‘Sample’ button in the left hand menu. A pop up will prompt you to upload sample data to get started.
  • Select the type of sample data you have: either soil or plant results.
  • Download the DecipherAg sample template and copy your sample data into it. You can delete any columns you don’t need. Download the soil sample template here and plant results sample template here.
  • Save your completed sample results template. Don’t forget to name it carefully so that you can easily find it in future and know what each file contains; for example you might want to include the date, paddock name and nutrients tested.
  • Drag and drop or select the file from your computer to upload.
  • As long as your sample results are georeferenced you’ll now be able to see them on the map.

All DecipherAg users can see one year’s sample results on the map at a time, while DecipherAg Plus and Biomass+ users can see up to ten years’ sample results, colour-coded by nutrient status level, at once.

If you’ve already uploaded sample results and want to add more files, login then:

  • Select MyData in your top navigation bar.
  • Select either the Soil samples or Plant samples tab.
  • Click the Upload sample data button and follow the steps above.

Your sample results are automatically available in your MyData area once the job is complete.

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