To view your sample results, click on Samples in the left column on the Map.

The Plant tab allows you to view the results of your plant testing on the map. Results from any lab can be viewed, as long as they are first uploaded to DecipherAg.

Unlike soil sampling, there is little relationship between seasons, thanks to factors such as weather, crop rotation and weeds. As a result, there are fewer filters on this tab.

  • You can only view one season at a time for Plant samples.
  • You'll need to select which crop type you want to view. As there is little relationship between the results for different crop types, you can only view Plant results for one crop type at a time.

Sites that have no results that match the selected criteria will not be displayed on the map.


You can select one of eight nutrients to view on the map:

plus Zinc and Manganese.

The default selection, which is the first nutrient that will be displayed each time you log into DecipherAg, is Total Nitrogen. You can change the default by clicking on the star to the right.


Unlike soil sample results, where there are definite ranges that the colouring of the sample sites can be based on, plant results are more complex, with many more factors, such as crop type, stage and weather affecting the results and what they mean. As such, to avoid confusion, there are no ranges for Plant samples and the values are presented without analysis.


The Plant sample results are coloured using Quartiles. Below Q1 is Red, Q1 to Q2 is Orange, Q2 to Q3 is Green and above Q3 is Blue.

You can use the slider adjust these ranges as you need, and reset them to the quartiles at any time.


We do not chart Plant results.

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