All DecipherAg users can see one year’s sample results on the map. DecipherAg Plus and Biomass+ users can see and analyse up to ten years’ sample results.

DecipherAg’s sampling charts allow you to very quickly understand nutrient levels on your farm, without the need for complex software and hard-to-read spreadsheets.

To see your sample results on the map:

  • Select the Sample icon in the left hand menu. A pop-up will prompt you to upload a sample data file if you haven’t already.

Read about how to upload your sample data.

  • You’ll see your sample sites on the map as dots. If you are a DecipherAg Plus or Biomass+ user, these have been colour-coded according to the nutrient level of the sample taken.

There are a number of settings you can adjust while analysing your sample results:

  • Increase or decrease the opacity with the slider or + / - buttons to see less or more of the map or biomass imagery underneath your sample results.
  • Use the check boxes to choose whether you’d like to see individual site results or averages across a paddock.
  • Choose which season’s sample data you’d like to see. DecipherAg Plus or Biomass+ users can select multiple seasons when view soil samples.

The sample results are displayed differently for soil and plant samples:

Analysing Soil Sample Results

Analysing Plant Sample Results 

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