You can view the Notes you’ve created about your land on the Decipher map in DecipherGO.

To view your Notes in DecipherGO;

  • Tap the Notes icon in your sidebar to display the Notes panel and turn it on using the on/off toggle.
  • Select a Note to show on the map by using the on/off toggles next to the Note.
  • Tap a Note to focus your view on the Note.
  • Drag the adjust opacity slider to make the Notes more or less visible on the map.
  • Adjust the on/off toggles for your other Notes to show or hide Notes from the map.

With DecipherGO’s location tool you’ll be able to see where you are (the blue dot) against your Notes. This makes it easy to get to any specific locations in your Notes. Adding pins to note layers is a a great way to mark specific locations for you to check out using using DecipherGO. To create or update your Notes log into Decipher. 

Read more about creating Notes in Decipher here.

Need more help? Contact the Decipher Support Team here.

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