DecipherGO’s charts offer a powerful comparison tool for plant growth across time periods and locations, so you can analyse the health of your farm, track trends, and ultimately manage nutrition strategies.

To use DecipherGO’s biomass charts;

  • Select the Biomass icon in your sidebar to expand the biomass panel and view the biomass layer on your map.
  • Adjust your biomass settings if desired. Read more about what each biomass setting does here.
  • Tap the Compare Biomass button at the bottom of your map to expand the chart panel.
  • Tap a point on the map to see a chart of the plant growth level at that point for the current and two previous years, with each coloured line on the chart representing a different year. Find out more here.

To see your chart on a full screen rotate your screen to landscape.

Read more about viewing biomass in DecipherGO here.

Need more help? Contact the Decipher Support Team here.

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