There are a few ways to improve the detail of what you can see within the biomass view:

Adjusting the colour stretch:

The colour palette used in the biomass view is set to a default of red for any vegetation density readings of 0.2 and below (which means there’s almost no plant density on the ground), and goes up to purple for readings of vegetation density readings of 0.8 and above (which represents almost full plant ground cover).

Changing DecipherAg's colour stretch lets you shift how the colour palette is distributed in the biomass view across the map, which means you can increase the detail you see of any biomass variability in your chosen location.

For example, in low vegetation density locations, shortening the colour stretch means you’ll be able to see greater contrast between the different areas.

To adjust the colour stretch:

  •  Select one of the ‘Low’, ‘Standard’ or ‘High’ presets in the biomass view menu according to whether the vegetation density is low, medium or high in your selected location.
  • For even greater control, you can also use the slider to create a custom value from 0 to 1.

Adjusting the cloud mask:

The cloud mask function helps keep the biomass view clear when probable cloud cover is getting in the way. Sometimes partial cloud cover in the sky can still show up as low vegetation density in the biomass view, so adjust the cloud mask if you think you can see cloud cover showing up.

To adjust the cloud mask:

  • Click 'Show Advanced Settings' in the biomass view menu.
  • We set your default cloud mask to 0.2 but you can drag the slider or use the + / - buttons to adjust the value between 0 and 0.5 in increments of 0.01.

Merging satellite imagery:

DecipherAg uses images from two satellites to create its biomass view: Landsat 7 and Landsat 8. Merging images from both of these satellites gives a more complete picture of the highest greenness index for the selected period. 

  • It’s easy to turn this on or off, just drag the slider in the Advanced Settings area of the biomass view menu.
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