DecipherAg Mobile’s observations allows samplers to send through the observations they make when sampling. You can view these observations by selecting a sample site on the map to open the site's sample chart. Observations will show on the left of the sampling chart.

Having your observations next to a sampling chart allows you to validate ground truthing observations against nutrition data, helping you understand nutrient levels on your farm at a deeper level without the need for complex software and hard-to-read spreadsheets.

To see your sample results on the map;

  • Log into DecipherAg and select the Samples icon in the left hand menu.
  • You’ll see your sample sites on the map as dots, for Decipher Plus or Biomass+ users these will be colour-coded according to the nutrient level of the sample taken.
  • Click or tap on a site. This will bring up the tray, where you can view the data for the site and any sample photos taken.
  • Any observations recorded at the site will be on the left-hand side of the chart.

Read more about about creating observations here.

Need more help? Contact the DecipherAg Support Team here.

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