• Tap or click the 'Notes' icon in your sidebar to display the Notes panel.
  • Tap or click the three dots next to the Notes name and select the 'Edit Note' option. You can see what objects are already in your note by tapping or clicking a Note’s name to expand it. 
  • The Note editing controls will appear. 
  • Select the line icon to add a line to your Note.
  • To start drawing tap or click the map anywhere and move your finger or mouse around to create a line. Double tap or double click where you want to stop drawing.
  • Give your line a name and an optional description eg. “Fence line removed 2017”).
  • Select a colour and line thickness. 
  • Click the 'Save changes' button.
  • You can discard your Pin at any time to start over by tapping or clicking the 'Discard' button.
  • To edit shapes you’ve created, double tap or click them again to return to edit mode.

To complete your update, tap or click the X button on the Note editing controls and click the Save button.

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