Decipher Plus subscribers can create and view nutrition plans. Plans are for a farm, for a season.

To create a new nutrition plan;

  • First, make sure your farm boundaries have been mapped in Manage farms.
  • Click on Manage icon and select Manage plans or select the icon Plans.
  • Select the Create plan button.
  • Select a season and a farm. 
  • Start creating your plan by selecting a paddock from the map or menu.
  • Once a paddock has been selected, select Add product to add each product you are planning to apply. For each product, select the product you are planning to apply from the list, add the rate of application and then the timing of application.
    Planning to apply product multiple times in the season? Simply add the product for each month it will be applied.
  • Once done, select the back arrow to get back to Manage plans panel and start creating plans for other paddocks by selecting them from the map or menu.
  • When you have finished creating your plan, select X.

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