When a planned sampling job has been assigned to you as the sampler, you'll receive an email letting you know that is ready to be sampled. If you haven't previously created a DecipherAg account, you'll receive a separate email to get you set up.

Once you've logged into DecipherAg Mobile you'll be taken to the Collect screen. 

  • You'll see a list of any sampling jobs that have been assigned to you. 
  • You can also see these jobs on the map. 
  • The boundaries of the property linked to the job will appear on the map as a filled outline, to help you decide which job to do first. 
  • You can swipe down to hide the Collect list and get a better view of the map. Swipe up again to show it again.
  • If there are multiple jobs, boundaries for each property will be filled with a different colour.
  • Click on the target button in the bottom right of the map to show your location in relation to the jobs.
  • If you click on a property on the map the Collect list will be filtered to only show jobs for that property. If the collect list has been hidden, it will be un-hidden.
  • To remove the filter, click the cross in the filter tag Boundary X at the top of the collect list.
  • When you want to start sampling a job, click on that job’s name in the collect list. This will take you to the Job Details screen.
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