At any given time your list of sampling jobs, or Collect list, may contain jobs for multiple users, in different states. Unlike DecipherGO, Submitted jobs do not appear in your Collect list. However, jobs may be New, In Progress or Unsubmitted.

New jobs are jobs that have been assigned to you that have not yet started.

In Progress jobs have been started. As soon as you scan the first bag, the job's status changes from New to In Progress.

Unsubmitted jobs have been finished, but not yet sent to the lab. Once the last bag has been scanned, and the last sampling site completed, the job will switch to Unsubmitted. Once details have been submitted to the lab it's status will switch to Submitted and the job will disappear from the Collect list.

To filter your Collect list by farm, click on the farm boundaries on the map in the Collect screen. A filter called Boundary will be applied to the list, to show only jobs that apply those chosen boundaries. This will include any jobs for the relevant organisation.

To filter by status, click the blue Filter button at the top of the list. Select one of more of the available filters then tap on Apply in the top tight hand corner.

NOTE: You can filter by Boundary and by status at the same time.

You can see which filters are currently applied at the top of the Collect list. To remove an applied filter, just click on the X next to it's name.

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