July 13, 2020 - Web v4.4.0

New DecipherAg offerings:

  • Decipher Free plan renamed DecipherAg
  • Decipher Plus, now DecipherAg Plus, is exclusively for CSBP Fertiliser customers.
  • Decipher Pro has been discontinued.
  • DecipherAg Lab, a paid service, introduced to cover the needs of agronomists, consultants and their clients.

Changes to DecipherAg features:


  • Added Print Screen, Print Map and Export Map Boundaries.
  • Removed Clipping, Export and Compare - these features are only available to DecipherAg Plus and DecipherAg Lab users.


  • Added Export Historical Zones to Shapefile.
  • Removed Zones - The Zones feature is only available to DecipherAg Plus and DecipherAg Lab users.


  • Removed the ability to select labs other than CSBP Soil and Plant Analysis Lab.

Any historical data from paid features such as Zones, Plans, Yield and Scouting will remain accessible to DecipherAg users.

Changes for DecipherAg Lab:

Admin Screen

  • Added Prefer Contacts and Acting As for Account Managers.
  • Added display all users and their roles for each account.
  • Added navigation to the clients account directly from the admin screen.
  • Removed Subscriptions and MarketPlace Management.

Other Changes

  • Removed MarketPlace.

July 13, 2020 - Mobile v2.2.0

  • CSBP Soil and Plant Analysis Lab will be the only lab available for sampling jobs.
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